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My top-of-the-line equipment and recording rooms are an asset for recording vocals and instrumental music, as well as for podcasting and recording spoken word content. At Durbin Studios, I take great pride in understanding your artistic goals and delivering your desired audio outcomes promptly and professionally. Whether you need a single recording session or a full production project, I'm here to assist you from start to finish.
In addition to recording, mixing, and mastering services, I offer an extensive range of music production services, including songwriting, arranging, and instrument recording for professionals or solo artists looking for help creating their next masterpiece. To help you deliver your best performance, I also provide a comprehensive audio and video stage service, including setups and backline rentals, when needed.
If you're ready to start recording or producing your music, podcast, or voiceover project, contact me today. Together, we can make your artistic vision a reality.

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